Weight Training and Power Lifting Gym in Lowestoft
About The PowerHouse Gym
The PowerHouse Gym is situated in Lowestoft, a town in the English county of Suffolk. This small port town is now a traditional seaside resort which was previously developed due to the fishing industry.

The gym is located on Commercial Road that runs along side the harbour. The building previously the Sea Breeze night Club has undergone a full renovation with a stylish decor. This really is a gym you want to lift some heavy weights in!

On the ground floor is reception, male and female toilets and changing rooms. Energy drinks are available from the vending machine along with pre workouts and protein shakes for muscle pumping monster session workouts. There are a range of dumbbells from 2.5kg up to 60kg with a rubber matting area along with benches for free weight workouts. Several machines line both walls including: flat bench press, incline bench press, smith machine, squat rack, leg press, calf machine, and more.

Up on the first floor the area is slightly larger with the consistently fresh paint and tasteful finish. At the far end of the gym there is the cable cross over machine. Again the walls are lined with various machines including: lat pulldown cable machine, seated row machine, pec deck, assisted dip machine, leg curl machine, and much more. A dedicated cardiovascular area has been made with treadmill machines, cross trainer machine, exercise bike and padded mats. This is also a gym for general fitness and exercising for weight loss or improving your fitness.

Future plans are to create a strong man area to the rear of the gym in the large court yard. This will consist of huge tractor tyres, ropes, barrels and all that strong man stuff.
Opening Times:
Mon-Fri: 8.30am-9pm    Sat: 9am-4pm     Sun: 10am-4pm
The PowerHouse Gym
27 Commercial Road,  Lowestoft,  Suffolk,  NR32 2TD
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